Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Update and my new do!

So, we had our 36 week check up today and it was the most eventful dr appt I have had in a long time. We actually got to have an ultrasound and check for dialation and everything. I am dialated to 1 1/2 centimeters so far and he is positioned with his head down so we are making progress!!! Yay! We can't wait! The most noteworthy part of the check up, my dr thinks he already weighs 7 lbs!!! She thinks he will at least be an 8lb baby! Yikes! I am worrying that he will be too big for me to push out! I really need to lay of the sweets so he doesnt get much bigger. Here is a picture of his face from the ultrasound, it isnt really clear, but you can tell how chubby his cheeks already are! Isn't he so precious?? You can see his left hand on the side of his head and his right hand on his chin. We can't wait to meet him! This picture just makes it harder to think about anything other than holding him!!
The other exciting news of the day...my sister finally talked me into getting rid of my blonde hair after years and years. This isnt the best picture, but you can at least get the idea that I have brown hair now! I never thought this day would come, but I REALLY like it! I will have to post a better picture when it is freshly styled and I am not in my PJs. I needed to take a 36 week pic so I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone. Thanks for finally talking me into changing Jen! Stay tuned for a better picture...

Thanksgiving and then some....

We got to host Thanksgiving with all of my family at our house this year for the first time ever. it was alot of fun and not nearly as stressful as we thought it would be. Troy had his first experience cooking the turkey and it turned out great despite the minor delay of eating. :)

The day after Thanksgiving we drove down to St. George/Zions to celebrate our anniversary. It was a nice quick getaway and the weather was beautiful. One of the highlights of the weekend, we found a street called Erin Dawn Circle. It was really cool even though Erin was spelled wrong.

My sisters also threw me an awesome baby shower. We got a lot of great stuff and it was so much fun having so many of my friends and family come and support us and baby Stockton. Thanks Amy and Jenni for your hard work putting everything together and thank you everyone for all of your generous gifts! I feel like we are finally prepared and ready for him to come any day now.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Move over Daniel Craig...

...it looks like Hugh Jackman is about to take your place on my celebrity boyfriend list...I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Recap

We had a really fun, busy weekend. We are trying to take advantage of being able to do whatever we want while we still can. We went out to dinner and a movie with some friends on Friday night. We saw Quantum of Solace and I LOVED it! I think I liked Casino Royale better, but you can't argue with Daniel Craig as James Bond. He is definately my hollywood boyfriend of the moment, that is until the next Batman movie comes out.
Here is my 30 week picture. I can't belive we are only 2 months away! Little Stockton will be here before we know it! Although, I dont feel like I can possibly get any bigger than I already am!
Saturday we took 2 of our nieces and our newphew, Coral, Rachel, and Isac downtown to Clark Planetarium for a 3-D movie and lunch at the Gateway. My sister talked us into also going to the ballet to see The Tempest because my grandma was buying everyone who wanted to go tickets. I was hesitant because, let's face it, ballet really isnt mine and Troy's thing. I think the kids enjoyed it, but my opinion of the ballet was definately reconfirmed and I wont get talked into going ever again. Not to discredit the dancers and their hard work and talent, but I am just not entertained by it and find it a little awkward to watch. I am convinced that the creative/artistic side of my brain was either removed or just never even developed.

After a long day downtown, we rode the Front Runner back up to our house and had a sleepover. we were all pretty worn out after the long day on the run, we all crashed in front of a movie and went to bed pretty early. The kids came to church with us and then we brought them all home. It was a fun weekend, but I definately don't think I want to inherit 3 kids between the ages of 6-10 at the same time. Hopefully when the kids come one at a time and start out as precious little babies, parenthood will be alot easier to handle...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Name Dilemma

So, this whole name thing has really been eating at me lately. My 2 names that I have really always wanted to use for a boy have been: And

Stockton, of course, comes from my longtime admiration of John Stockton, THE best point guard to ever live. And Wyatt after my grandpa who I miss and loved dearly. He had 3 daughters and did not get to pass his last name of Wyatt down to a son. So when we started thinking about names, we thought we would name the baby Wyatt Ivan after both of our grandpas, but then in fear of not having a second boy to name Stockton, we decided the name Stockton Wyatt would be a safe choice because that guaranteed I would get to use both names if we ended up only having girls after this. So, Stockton Wyatt has been our chosen name for most of my pregnancy. However, in the back of mind I havent been able to shake the desire to use Wyatt as a first name. I just love it and it would mean more to me to have a little boy named Wyatt instead of just a middle name. Come on, wouldnt having 2 brothers named Stockton and Wyatt just be the coolest, cutest names of all time??? The problem is, although the name Stockton has alot of sentimental value to me, the name Wyatt does mean more to me, BUT this baby is already Stockton to me. And to think of him as Wyatt, as much as the name means to me, it just doesnt seem right for this baby. So, the question is:

1. Do we take to risk of having another boy and naming this one Stockton and the next one Wyatt and having 2 brothers with the ultimate names?


2. Do we play it safe and name this baby Stockton Wyatt since it may be our only boy?

Or, of course, there is the 3rd option:

3. Do we change this baby's name from Stockton to Wyatt even though it doesn't seem right in my mind because he is already Stockton to me & Troy and then hope to have another boy in the future to name Stockton?

Maybe I am just being a weirdo freak about this whole thing, but this has always been important to me and I want all of our kids to have names that mean something and that they can be proud of. So, let me know what you would do. And, of course, feel free to just laugh at me and tell me I am over analyzing things way too much. I won't mind, over analyzing is just something that I do. :)

Side note: I'm sure alot of you who dont know me very well are thinking this is a no brainer, name the baby after your family because that is obviously way more important and sentimental than naming him after an NBA point guard, but, of course, those of you who do know me well, will understand the magnitude of the situation. And will agree that, yes, this actually is a major dilemma for me, right guys?

Monday, October 27, 2008


We just got back from a long weekend in Idaho and it was SO MUCH FUN!! My sister-in-law and mother-in-law threw me a surprise baby shower. It was really exciting even though I get really embarrassed being the center of attention like that. We got a ton of baby stuff: a Baby Einstein activity center, a cute diaper bag, a baby book, tons of clothes and shoes, and alot of other baby necessities. Luckily we were able to get everything home in the car.

Here is my cute new diaper bag that Chantal and Marissa got for me! :)

While we were doing the baby shower, Troy went duck hunting with his brother. I got to watch them cut the meat out, it wasnt nearly as gross as I thought it would be.

After the shower, we went shopping and bought Troy a couple of things so that he wouldnt feel left out. :) You can't really see his new shoes in the pictures, but I got him a new pair of Sketchers for only $30!

Another fun activity of the weekend, Pumpkin Carving! I have only carved a couple of pumpkins in my lifetime, that I can remember at least, so it was alot of fun. Mine is the coolest one, the Batman symbol, of course! :) Thanks to Scott for keeping mine from being a disaster!! ha ha!

We had such a good time while we are there! Thanks to everyone for making me feel so loved and important. You all are too nice to me! I truly couldnt have asked for better in-laws! (Even if you are voting for John McCain!) Thanks for making me feel like part of the family! You all are the best!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Isnt it only October?

So, we were surprised to wake up on Sunday morning to be in a winter wonderland! Even though I can't believe we got over a foot of snow in OCTOBER, it was kind of fun to get a taste of winter for a day. Yes, we really did get over a foot, even though the pictures don't show it, the news said the Roy area got over a foot! I thought my sister who is visiting Oklahoma might get a kick out of seeing what she is missing this week.

It was still there this morning we woke up! I bet it will be melted by the end of the day today though.

And here are some pics we took yesterday of me at 26 weeks. I feel like I am getting pretty big, but my doctor says I am measuring right on track. :) I am excited to be starting the third trimester soon and can't believe we will have a baby in about 12 weeks! Weird!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Catching Up!

I have been putting off making any new posts lately just out of sheer laziness, or maybe it has been sadness that all that has been going on is me being overwhelmed with how much work we still have to do moving into our new house. Our summer of living with nieces and nephews and having no responsibilities is over and that makes me really sad. That means there is no more of this... And no more river rafting trips.... And no more family camp outs....
Definately no more walks to get snow cones...

No more golfing with the wild life at Bountiful Ridge...

And worst of all, we dont get to see this face everyday anymore....

Instead our days feel alot like this...(Yes, Troy really is napping instead of laying our tile)

We have spent alot of time painting since we opted to do that ourselves. I still dont know why I thought that was such a good idea. It doesnt seem like the money we saved was really all that worth it now. Especially since there is still no end in sight. Here are some Before and After pics of some of the painting I have done. Of course, the rooms aren't empty anymore, but you can see the colors I have painted so far.

Our Family Room Before...

Our Family Room After...Our Kitchen Before...

Our Kitchen After...(We still need to put up our tile back splash, that's why it is still white above the counter top)

Our finished Master Bedroom...

Hopefully I will make alot of progress this weekend and I can post some new pictures next week. I am getting pretty sick of living surrounded by boxes so I need to kick it into high gear!

I know this info is quite old, but I had to post the pics anyways because I had so much fun on my birthday. Two of my best friends plus one of my sisters, so I guess technically 3 of my best friends, took me to get pedicures and out to dinner. It was only the second pedicure of my life and I am pretty sure it is going to have to be a semi-regular thing from now on. Thanks to Bekah and Mary for opening my eyes to this foreign world! Here are some pics from the night...

Troy also contributed to me having a fabulous birthday by taking me to get a couples massage and then dinner and a night downtown at the Marriott. It was a lot of fun, but of course, our camera batteries were dead so we didnt get any pictures! AAHH! Thanks for the fun birthday everyone!

Well, I think that's it for now. This has officially been the longest post I have ever made. I know alot of you have been asking for new pregnancy pictures and I tried to get Troy to take a 25 week pic of me last night, but that didnt end up happening. Hopefully I will have better luck tonight! :) Until next time...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am starting to get obsessed...

I know there are at least 3 other things I need to post about right now that I am just being lazy about, but my sister sent me this blog address yesterday that I am just so excited about I can hardly stand it! I have always been a food storage slacker even though it is something that has always sent a panic attack through my body anytime it is mentioned. Just ask anyone in my family, I am a total worry wart about the end of the world and am totally paranoid about the need to one day have to survive amidst dire pandemonium. You would think if I felt that way since I was a child, that I would have prepared myself a little better. Well, the time has come over the past few months for me to finally get my "survival" needs together and I have been buying stuff like crazy, especially at all of the case lot sales. Well, back to the post, my sister sent me the following blog yesterday and I have been looking at it non stop! It links to her website which is even cooler. I wont even try to explain it, just check it out for yourself if you are interested. www.myfoodstoragedeals.blogspot.com It feels so good to finally feel like I will be somewhat prepared especially with the pending economic crisis and the upcoming life that I will be responsible for. Good luck getting all of your own stuff together! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I just couldnt resist...

Whether you are a fan of Sarah Palin or not, you have to admit this is funny! Tina Fey was pretty convincing...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We are half way there!

So we reached the 20 week mark today and had our ultrasound yesterday. Everything appeared to be just perfect on the ultrasound and we confirmed that we are definitely having a boy! There is no denying that now! :) We are happy to find out that he is growing right on track and appears to be healthy. I can't believe we are half way there, but at the same time it still seems so far away! I don't know how I am going to last without going crazy with excitement! Everyone has been asking me to post a pic of my belly so here are a couple of shots we got on our walk to Yogurt Stop tonight. Thank you to everyone who has been helping me stay comfortable and cute with new maternity clothes! Having adorable clothes that actually fit just makes me feel so much better and not so ugly and fat! Thanks again everyone!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

House progress

I didnt want to post any new pictures of our house for awhile until there was some serious changes. Well, it is almost finished now so I figured we could do one more update between now and then. We went up last night and here is the progress. They arent the best pics b/c they were taken with my cell phone so the colors are a little dull, but you get the picture, right?
The only thing they have left on the outside is the shutters and fixing the stucco and rock on the left pillar. Other than that, I think they are finished! :) (And yes, that is Troy climbing through the window)We were most excited to see that they installed the cabinets and counter tops this week. Make note of mine and Troy's professional tile installation! Doesnt it just look perfect?? :) I'm so excited to see our new appliances and add my own paint colors! I can't wait!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!

We (and by we, I actually mean I) just couldnt wait any longer than we had to find out so at the earliest possible chance, we went to Fetal Fotos and found out what we are having. We are happy, suprised, and excited to say that we BOTH got what we wanted...a BOY! Now I don't have to live in suspense for another month waiting! On that note, I gotta go...I've got some very important reading to do...Go Jacob! :)