Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our summer in review: August (part 2)

After spending the first part of August in Oklahoma, my Mom came back to Idaho with us and spent 3 weeks hanging out.  The boys were thrilled to have her here with us. 

We went on a lot of walks,

Ate ice cream,

Fell asleep in the middle of dinner,  (I got some AWESOME video of this)

Went swimming at Eagle Island.

We went to the aquarium, 

We exercised with Dad,

We went to a fair at Vogel Farms
and got some goat milk ice cream,

We celebrated my baby's 2nd birthday,

We went boating with some good friends for my (30th) birthday,

Then we all went out to dinner to celebrate,

A friend of mine snapped some pics of Logan for his 2 year.  I thought we got some good ones.  It hasn't even been 6 months, but looking at how big he has gotten since then already makes me want to cry.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Summer in review: August (Part 1)

I know I have talked about how depressed the last 2 posts have made me, but neither of those even compare to this one.  My sister and I decided that we would stick it to the airlines this summer and road trip it to Oklahoma this year to spend time with family and remind our children where they come from.  I think we need to make it a yearly tradition.

All packed up and ready to go.  Don't we look look excited?  You can even see it in Isac's face if you look hard enough.

Auntie made sure we had good snacks and plenty of movies to watch.

There was alot of sleeping, 
And luckily only a little of this.

We were welcomed to the Heartland with this....

We spent alot of time stuffing our faces.  (Which my love handles are STILL recovering from)

Can't you just hear them, "Hurry! Hurry! We can finish off this pudding and get back in bed before anyone even notices we are gone."

And then, "It was Emily's idea!"

We played on the "big toy".  Yes, my elementary school still has the same toys it did when I went to school there.

And the swings are still AWESOME!  

We climbed lots of fences.

We played in the sprinklers and shopped for bargains at the Goodwill.

We went swimming in the COOLEST swimming pool of all time.

We worked on the farm with Gramps.

And rode the cow train.

We caught grasshoppers and tried not to step in cow poop.

We slid down the cellar door.

We rode in the back of the truck.

We put pennies on the railroad tracks.

We climbed LOTS and LOTS of hay bales.

And we went on a lot of walks.


All of these things led to lots of this....

We had lots of fun and plenty of adventures, but the best part of all was who it was with.