Friday, April 23, 2010

Quilts from Ganny

My Grandma has been making quilts for all of her great-grand kids and I was excited to get 2 in the mail yesterday for Stockton and Baby Boy. Stockton's has tractors and Baby Boy's is a cowboy theme. She even equipped us with matching crib sheets and pillow cases! :) I never thought a 15 month old boy could be so excited about a blanket, but he DEFINITLEY was! Here are some pics of his reactions...

Here is his smile right after taking it out the box.

He just ran right over and laid down on it!

He couldnt stop smiling, touching, and pointing at all the tractors.

He even loved his baby brother's cowboy quilt. I hope he doesnt get too attached to it in the next few months.
After the initial excitement wore off he still just laid on the blankets and watched TV. Him and Mack even had fun playing in the empty box.

Thank you Ganny for helping to get him in touch with his Oklahoma heritage!!

Happy Easter

Yes, I know I posted alot of Easter pics, but last year I didnt get one picture of him in his Easter outfit before he pooped all over his white pants so I thought I had to make up for it this year. We had a really fun Easter at my sister's house this year. Here is the run down...

Stockton's candy addiction started on Easter this year. I am not a big Easter basket person, I told myself that I wouldnt do them for my kids. We never had candy or Easter baskets, but had a blast just coloring and hunting the good ol fashioned hard boiled eggs, so why would my kids need more than that? But on Easter morning Stockton was very interested in his cousins' baskets so I just threw the Easter bunny his Grandma Bonnie got him with a few plastic eggs filled with candy into his basket and thought we would just see what he would do. He somehow automatically knew that their was candy in the eggs and went straight for them. Things got worse when his Weema arrived with his very own Easter basket packed full of chocolate, candy, and even his very own Zhu zhu pet. It has been a downward spiral of sugar addiction ever since...

We just knew after a morning of scouring for plastice, candy filled eggs that he would just be all over hunting eggs in the yard. He seemed very excited at first, but then decided it was much more fun to chase his cousins around the yard and just play...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Boy!

I have been a very unmotivated blogger lately, dont ask me why, probably just lazy. I did want to document that we are very excited to be having another BOY!! I love the idea of having 2 little playmates so close in age. Everyday I get more and more anxious to know what he will be like, if he will look just like Stockton or totally different. If he is going to be an easy baby like Stockton has been or a wild and crazy one.

At first, I didnt think being pregnant was nearly as exciting the 2nd time around because I'm not reading about the development every single week and soaking up every bit of information about pregnancy that I possibly could. I already kind of knew what to expect when it came to pregnancy. Although, now that we are getting closer and we have the identity of another little boy, I am starting to think it is MORE exciting this time around. I know everything that we have to look forward to rather than just being blindly being excited about the uncertainty of having a baby. I can't wait to cuddle a precious little newborn again and be melted by every new facial expression. I can't wait to watch two children grow and progress and learn to be siblings and love each other. I have been worried about being able to love another child as much as I love Stockton, but I am already starting to see how your love multiplies rather than divides. This new chapter in our lives can't come fast enough!!