Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 weeks

Yesterday Logan was 2 weeks old. It seems like it has been so much longer than that already. I dont know if it is because Logan is so big or because things have been so chaotic around here. I feel so frazzled like I have no rhyme or reason to each day. I am hoping to start getting a better handle on things so I feel a little more in control. Luckily, I have had visits from my family that have really helped me to feel more like myself. I remember telling a few people before Logan was born that I just couldnt believe having 2 kids would be that much different than having one, well, I am definitely eating my words now. I had forgotten how much work newborns are!!!!

I was worried that since Stockton has always been such a good baby, that the second one was going to come out a terror child. Logan has proved me wrong so far. He is such a good, easy-going baby. He never cries unless he is hungry (he LOVES to eat!!) and when he is awake is so content just looking around the room. He already seems so much older than 2 weeks, he just seems so aware of everything around him. He will follow my voice with his eyes and head until he finds me and then will just stare at me. He is so much bigger than Stockton was at this point. He has already out grown alot of his newborn clothes and weights almost as much as Stockton did at 2 months. He isnt really fat, just...i dont know....solid. He does have an adorable double chin and chubby little cheeks though. It is hard to believe such a big baby was living inside of me. I guess that explains the stretch marks that I didnt get with little Stockton. :) I just love this picture because it is such a relief to see such a perfectly shaped head. Everyday I am so grateful so a perfectly rounded head instead of a mishaped one like Stockton's. He loves his bathtime. He just relaxes everytime we put him in the water.
Big yawns!!!
Just hangin out.... ...until his big brother spots him on the floor.... ...anytime he can, Stockton loves to lay down, tummy to tummy, and "talk" to him and give him kisses. It is so sweet, but a little scary that he is going to squish him. Logan doesnt seem to mind too much. Stockton hasnt seemed to mind being negleted too much. I do feel bad that I dont get to spend as much one on one time with him as I used to. I miss him. :( I dont think he misses me as much as I miss him though. He has really seized this oppurtunity to become Dad's shadow. Even though it breaks my heart a little that he doesnt need his Mother every minute, it melts my heart to see the bond between Father and Son grow. He is lucky to have a Dad who loves him so much and doesnt mind him tagging along everytime he goes outside or in the garage. And what little boy wouldnt love having a Dad that gets in the swimming pool with all of their clothes on, just because you want them to? This is just one of the reasons why we are all so lucky to have Troy around...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Since we've been home

Since we've been home...

*I dont feel as skinny as I did when we left the hospital
*I feel like our house constantly smells like a dirty diaper
*I havent cooked a decent dinner for my family
*The house is a never ending pit of housework
*I havent been able to spend any quality time with Stockton and I worry that he has replaced me with Daddy
*I feel like all I do is nurse a baby
*I feel lucky to shower every day. That does NOT include doing my hair or makeup
*I havent gotten more than 4 hours of sleep at night (on a GOOD night)
*I feel like I am busy all day yet nothing seems to have gotten done by the end of the day

Luckily I have a loving and supportive husband that wants to be just as involved as I am in taking care of these 2 beautiful boys. I am so lucky to get to spend all day with them. There is nothing more I could ask for!

The Birth Story

Most of you know how badly I didnt want to be induced after the long labor I had with Stockton. I finally broke down and scheduled an induction for almost a week after Logan's due date. I had reached my limit and was so far progressed that I figured my labor would still go quickly. I was a little sad that I wouldnt get to experience that surprise of going into labor and allowing the baby to decide when he wanted to come. I had been having contractions for a couple of weeks and even had a few times that I thought, "this could be it, I better call Troy", but, of course, just when I had thrown in the towel and given up hope, Logan decided to prove me wrong. It couldnt have been better timing. Troy had just gotten all of his hours in early in the week because of overtime and we were both able to get a full nights sleep in. I woke up around 6:15 am and had a few pretty good contractions so I thought I would a shower in just in case. Once I was up and moving around, things definately got worse. And then the real kicker right after I stepped out of the shower, my water broke. We both continued to do a quick freshen up and get Stockton dressed and out the door.

Here we are leaving for the hospital. I am still feeling pretty good at this point.

By the time we got to the hospital, it had been over 2 hours since my water broke and the contractions were getting quite annoying to say the least.

I wondered why I wanted to experience this instead of just being induced, getting my epidural, and not feeling any pain.
It took them about an hour after being there to get me my epidural and I felt MUCH better.
My labor lasted between 8-9 hours and after only 30 minutes of pushing.... ...we were kissing these chubby little cheeks!

I can't believe this gigantic baby was living inside of me! I guess that explains the huge round tummy that I had.
Stockton loves playing with his teeny tiny toes.
Stockton has loved his baby brother from the very beginning and he is so gentle with him.
Logan's first bath. He didnt really enjoy it.

Kisses from Big Brother.
And kisses from Little Brother.

Luckily they had a playground right outside of our room that Stockton could play on. He spent quite a bit of time at the hospital and was just perfect the entire time.
Fat baby!

His going home outfit said, "Handsome Like Daddy". We decided after seeing how much he looks like Troy, that would be the only appropriate shirt for him to wear.
Finally going home!!