Friday, November 30, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Me and Troy finally got our Christmas tree decorated. We bought it on Monday and it has just been sitting sad and empty all week. Our living room is still a disaster from the Thanksgiving to Christmas decorations transition phase, but the tree turned out so beautiful and it is exactly the type of tree that we both love-just Traditional! :) And by the way Jenni and Amy, I didnt forget who I am, it is a REAL tree! Fire hazard?????......maybe I will understand when I have kids, but who knows?? I'm so excited for Christmas this year b/c this will be the first year me and Troy will have Christmas together in our own home. With all the craziness of getting married, moving, and spending the Holiday in Idaho last year, we didnt even decorate! On that same note, our anniversay is tomorrow and I can't wait to give Troy his present and to see what he has planned for me! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Well, we just returned from our long 4 day weekend in Idaho. We really had a great Thanksgiving weekend, but I forgot my camera half the time we were there so I didnt get that many good pictures, darn it! We had alot of fun just hanging out with Troy's family shopping, relaxing, and laughing. I didn't really reflect on too many of the things I was thankful for other than the basics: Family, a wonderful husband, my faith, a beautiful home, and an abundance of things that I dont really need. However, after getting home and reflecting on my Thanksgiving I definately have a deep gratitude for my inlaws. I am really lucky to have a new family that makes me feel so welcome and that are so comfortable and fun to be around. You guys are all awesome! While I am on the subject of inlaws, I don't want to leave out my brother and sisters' spouses. I really lucked out with all of you and I love you all so much! And as cheesy as it sounds, I am also so grateful for our dogs. They bring so many smiles and laughs to us that you just can't help love them! I hope that you all had a great holiday and that we are mindful of at least one thing that we are so grateful for.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

I know it's been awhile, but I havent had a chance to update for awhile. The latest update is that I surprised Troy with a trip to Las Vegas this past weekend! I think that is the first time in my life I have kept such a big surprise a secret, I am so proud of myself! I bought tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld live at the Comedy Festival held at Caesar's Palace. It was a great show, he is so funny! The next best part of the weekend was riding the Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere! I can't believe I actually did it, it was the scariest thing I have done in my entire life, Troy was even scared. I am glad I was there with him, otherwise, I probably would have chickened out, but I couldn't be a wimp in front of him. :) It was great eating at In-N-Out Burger all weekend, too, but I dont think either one of us really have much of a desire to go back to Vegas for awhile. It just feels like such a disgusting place, full of immorality and vanity, I guess there is a reason it is called "Sin City". It was nice to go a quick road trip though and we look forward to another this weekend! Viva Las Boise!! :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Our bathroom gets a face lift

Well, I finally got rid of our neon orange guest bathroom this weekend. It was a pain in the neck to do b/c it was such a small space, but it was time well spent! It really looks great! The pictures kind of make the green look different than it actually is, but it will kind of give you an idea of the drastic change. We both really like it and it is nice to not be blinded everytime you turn on the light in there. Here are some before and after pics.



Monday, November 5, 2007

We had a great weekend

Friday night we went to see The Martian Child and it was really refreshing to go to movie where you didnt leave the theather being morally disgusted on some level. Alot of things could have been better about the movie, but it was really good overall and just a feel good all around. Me and Troy were both impressed. I would suggest it to anyone who is sick of all the garbage that is normally shown these days. I worked on Saturday while Troy worked in the yard and dog proofed our back fence. Then we did a little shopping at the mall and home depot. I finally got some paint to get rid of our neon orange bathroom. Sorry, Bekah! :) Sunday was just a relaxing day of church and dinner with our neighbors. Very relaxing weekend...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

What a fun visit!

My Grandma and Aunt just left today after a 5 day visit. We had a lot of fun having them here, hopefully we kept them entertained and they didnt get too bored. I posted some pics from their stay. We had dinner at our house one night, Sam's birthday party, and a really fun Halloween party. It was a hoot having them here and catching up on everything that is going on back home.

Happy Halloween!