Sunday, August 14, 2011

A new hobby????

I tried my hand at fondant cake decorating this weekend for my awesome friend, Sarah's, birthday.  She loves owls and I was inspired by a cake my friend at Audzipan Anthology made.  I am pretty proud of my first attempt and am anxious to do something fun for Logan's birthday in a couple of weeks.  What do you think??
Side note:  I made the fondant myself.  It was super easy and yummy!  Check out the Audzipan Anthology for the recipe I used.  :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

State of Denial

I haven't been able to believe that Logan's 1st birthday is just a couple weeks away until I took this picture of him today.  My baby goggles finally came off and I was able to see how grown up he actually is.  It makes my heart sad to think of him of a blossoming toddler instead of my precious baby.
(Don't you love the skid marks on his face and his goose egg/bruise on his forehead?  Typical Logan.)

His latest updates:
  • He loves anything that has wheels that he can drive around and make car noises.  Seriously, if he even sees a picture of a car or truck, he starts with his growling sounds.
  • He is learning how to work the sympathy system and show a little jealousy.  If Stockton is crying to me, he will run over and squeeze himself between us into my lap or he will immediately start crying and run over to be held.
  • He is still in GO!GO!GO! mode at all times.  He has to be constantly moving and doing something.  He doesnt know the definition of sitting still.
  • He is learning how to be a grumpy pants and has no problem showing his bad attitude at anytime of the day.
  • He is becoming much more affectionate.  He likes it when I just sit in the floor while he plays so he can come over every 2 mintues, crawl in my lap, give me a hug, and sit there for about 30 seconds before he is back to business with his toys.
  • He somehow already knows how to annoy his brother and is already learning to some self defense wrestling moves.  He will get on his hands with his butt in the air and ram into Stockton with his head.  I will admit, Stockton deserves it most of the time.
  • He has mastered the art of running away from me laughing when he knows it is time to either get dressed or get his diaper changed.
His birthday is sure creeping up fast, I better get into gear planning something.  I know he doesnt really need a big party, but I feel like if I dont at least do something similar to what we did for Stockton's then I will be a horrible mother and will further damage his fragile ego as the 2nd child.  So if anyone has any ideas, let me know.  Also, if you know how to make a truck cake, send me some tips! :)