Friday, September 30, 2011

My 1 year old baby

 August 25, 2011

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1 year old

I can't believe Logan's first year is already over.  The more I tried to savor every minute of my baby boy, the faster it seemed to go.  When I close my eyes and think of Logan at 1 year old, these are the things I want to remember....
  • His big toothy grin that he gives away so freely, especially when he knows he is being naughty.
  • The way he puckers his lips and scrunches his eyes when he talks to you so seriously and says "Goog, goog".  And the way he points his little finger when he is trying to show you something he wants.
  • Watching him run away smiling or laughing when he knows its time to get dressed, change his diaper, or go to bed.
  • Having to pin him down on the floor with one of my legs so I can change his diaper since he doesn't understand the concept of holding still.
  • His independent eating.  He doesnt like to be fed, he has to do things himself.  But since he hasn't mastered his spoon and fork yet, we have to get the food on it and put it down on the tray for him to pick up.  If you try and hand the fork directly to him, he wont take it.  He does that with alot of things.  He won't take things directly from my hand, I have to set it down in front of him and then he will pick it up.
  • The way he has mastered the art of dodging you while trying to wipe his face or nose.  It is next to impossible to get his face cleaned, so don't jug me that it is always dirty!!
  • The way he will come over and sit in mine or Troy's lap for a second while he is playing just to check in and then he goes right back to playing.
  • The way he growls like a little Gremlin when he plays, mostly with his trucks or animals.
  • His love for playing in the bathroom.  Whether it is climbing up the step stool and playing in the sink or taking advantage of us forgetting to close the toilet lid.
  • His wispy/curly hair sticking out behind his ears.
  • Him learning at such a young age how to antagonize his older brother.  Whether it is rough-housing or taking something of Stockton's and turning and running while Stockton chases him crying, he is already a pro.
  • The way he waves bye-bye by just moving his wrist up and down.  It is especially cute when he randomly does it to strangers without being provoked.
  • Him always having bruises on his head from either falling down or running into things b/c he is so top heavy with his big noggin. 
  • The way he hits you with toys.  Even though he is a little stinker when he does it, the naughty grin that follows is just priceless.  It was especially funny when he beat Daddy up with the drumstick.
  • The way he wont let us hold him to put him to sleep.  We just put him in his crib and he literally moves constantly until he falls asleep.  Sometimes, and I repeat, SOMETIMES, he will let us cuddle him a little before he put him in his crib.  This usually involves him being sweet, looking up at us and then sticking his fingers in our mouth and stabbing our gums with his razor sharp finger nails.  
  • Putting us through 3 hours of torture every Sunday at church because he doesn't know how to be still for more than 3 seconds. 
  • His chubby, little bow-legs and chunky butt. 
  • The way he rests his head on my chest when I get him out of his bed in the morning.  
  • His no-fear, do anything attitude.
  • The way he backs down the driveway to the street grinning at me because he knows he is going to get in trouble.
  • His long, think eyelashes and the color of his green eyes that are exactly like his Daddy's.
  • The way he walks in place when he is throwing a fit and then plops himself down on the ground.
  • And the way he will come and lay on you when you are in the floor with him to give you loves.
I don't ever want to forget the light that I have seen in him from the very first second I met him and I just don't ever want to forget the way I feel everyday when I get to see this face...