Tuesday, July 21, 2009

6 months old

Can you believe that I am already 6 months old? Let me tell you about how big I am getting.

I am getting very big and strong. I learned how to sit up all by myself. Sometimes I fall over, but its fun when I am on my mom and dad's soft bed.
Now that I can sit up, playing with my toys is alot more fun.

But sometimes it can be alot of work, so I like to stick out my tongue and concentrate really hard.

When I'm not sitting up, I like to bounce in my Johnny Jump Up. Spinning around is my favorite.
My most favorite thing to do is eat! When my Dad feeds me, he lets it get all over me.
But that's OK, because then I get to take a bath. I love touching the water with my fingers when my Mom pours it on my tummy.
I still love my glow worm, but I have another best friend now. His name is Jazz Bear, my dad won him for me at Lagoon. Everytime I see him, he makes me laugh.
My Mom is still my most favorite person in the whole wide world, but Dad is definitely a close 2nd. I get to spend every morning with him while my Mommy is busy working.
Everyone still tells me all of the time how much I look like him. I tell my Mom that it's OK because I have her big blue eyes....
....and that makes her SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!

Summer Fun

We have been having alot of fun this summer even though we have been spending too much time working in the yard. We took Stockton to the lake with some friends and his little girlfriend, Mya. He is already protective of her.
We went to Boise for the 4th of July. We couldnt have asked for a better 4th. From the time I was a kid, it has always been my favorite holiday, but living in Utah it has been more of headache for me rather than a celebration. Every year that I have lived here, anything you try and do is SO CROWDED and just pure CHAOS! This year we went to a little Idaho farm town, Melba, and finally got to experience the classic 4th of July for a change! Small town parade, followed by shopping at little booths and YUMMY carnival food! And, guess what, we got there 15 minutes before the parade started and got PRIME seats in the SHADE and all the candy thrown at us that we could possibly eat! We didnt have to go down there the night before and put out chairs to save our spot and still show up 6 hours before the parade! Anyways, sorry for the rant....I think we are going to have to make Melba a yearly tradition for our family, it was perfect. Thank you Scott and Lori for letting us tag along!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My new hobby is SEW much fun!!

Yes, I do think that is possibly the cheesiest thing I have ever said, but how else was I supposed to start this post??? Thanks to the help of my super talented sister, Jen, and friend, Cami, I have tapped into a crafty side of my brain that I never even knew existed. I have been putting my sewing machine to use and have made some fun stuff so far...

A pillow case to match Stockton's new quilt:
A cute little ball for Stockton to play with:
And a precious little dress for my niece, Emily:
I really have been having fun with it even though I never thought it would have been in my personality. Next on my list: new curtains and plastic bag holder for the trailer. Stay tuned...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Around the yard...

We have been busy around the yard the last couple weeks. We finally got our front yard flower beds finished! Yay! We still have a few more trees to plant and the grass still needs to thicken up before everything is completely finished, but I am proud of the progress we have made!! Now we just have to cross our fingers that our plants will survive in our crappy soil we have out here! I guess now we have to move on to the back yard.

Dad, here is a garden update just for you. I think the corn is doing the best.

My bell peppers are doing OK.
And the tomatoes are doing pretty good, too. :)