Thursday, March 17, 2011


When I was pregnant with Logan, I was always worried that I wouldn't get to spend as much time with him as I did with Stockton when he was born and that I would be missing out on spending one-on-one time with both of them.  My sister would always tell me that it would be OK because I would get to see them as Brothers and there was something really special about that.  I am starting to realize now what she meant.  Logan has really started to love Stockton lately even though Stockton isn't always the nicest to him.  There are 2 particular stories that I wanted to document so I could remember them.

#1: Stockton likes to climb into Logan's crib to play with his mobile, play with his stuffed animals, and turn the lamp on and off b/c he can reach it.  Logan is normally a good sport even though he is mostly just getting trampled on the whole time.  Now that he is sitting up, I think it is a little less torturous for him.  On this particular occasion Stockton was playing and Logan was sitting there just looking at Stockton with the biggest grin on his face.  Stockton kept playing and Logan just kept smiling.  As soon as Stockton sat down beside him, Logan reached up, grabbed Stockton by the hair, and threw him down on the bed.  I was so shocked, but it was hilarious to witness.  Luckily Stockton thought it was funny, too.  I am sure he wont think so for much longer.

#2:  Stockton has a little buddy that we watch for a few hours every week.  His name is Rhett.  Logan was sitting in the floor playing with some of his trucks when Rhett decided that he wanted to play with them.  So he went over and took them from Logan.  Stockton (who takes toys from his brother ALL day long) witnessed his brother being picked on, ran over to Rhett, yelled what I can only assume were profanities, snatched the truck from Rhett, and gave it back to his brother.  I hope he will always stick up for him like that.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting the Bathroom

So, I have alot of projects that have been on my to-do list for quite sometime, but for some reason I am really just itching to paint my downstairs 1/2 bath.  It is just so plain and boring.  It is currently tan (just like the rest of our house) with a white pedestal sink, toilet, and a white cabinet.  I want to do something that would look good with white.

So the question is, do I try something fun like yellow or lime green??

Or play it safe with a pretty grayish blue or grayish purple????

What is your vote?  Any other good suggestions?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Logan @ 6 months

Logan is our happy baby.  And by that I mean he is the sweetest, happiest baby in the world as long as his tummy is full of milk and his Mother is either holding him or giving him her undivided attention.  He loves me.  He will be perfectly content playing and then I will walk in room, he will see me and then start crying for me.  (This is usually accompanied by the "mad face" as referenced in my previous post.)  It is precious, but not always convenient for me.

Here are some highlights of his personality right now:

*He is starting to love playing with his brother.  Even though Stockton isn't always the nicest older brother in the world, it is so fun to see them beginning to play with each other.  Stockton will act silly and Logan will just laugh and laugh.  It is nice having a extra person around to help entertain him.
*He loves milk in any form, whether its breast milk or formula, but he does NOT like eating from a spoon.  He will do it, but he definitely lets you know that he is not enjoying it throughout the entire process.  Fresh pureed mango is about the only thing that he seems to enjoy eating.  He must just have very exotic taste.
*He hates getting dressed.  This also includes diaper changes.  He gets so happy when you take his clothes off and wiggles and squirms as much as he can when you try to put them back on.
*He is temperamental.  He goes from 0 to 60 in a split second.  He can be happy, just laughing and smiling and if you do something to disrupt this, he will let you know about it.  I think he is going to be our yeller, because he sure knows how to yell already.  And by yell, I dont mean cry really loud, I literally mean YELL.  Its like he is telling you where to go and how to get there.  I won't make any speculations about which parent he may have inherited this quality from.
*He likes me to sing to him.  Whether it is a soft, quiet song or a fun, upbeat song, he just loves it.  I tried singing to Stockton when he was a baby and to this day if I try and sing to him, he just gets annoyed.  But Logan loves it and that makes me happy.
*He is really wanting to MOVE!  I dont think crawling is too far off for this kid.  He is definitely trying to figure out how to get his body to do what his brain is telling it and once he does he is going to be a mess of trouble.  He doesnt know how to sit still.  The only time he will let me sit down and hold him without squirming is when he is ready to sleep.
 *He is finally learning to SLEEP.  Apparently all we needed to do this whole time was force him to sleep in his crib instead of with us.  He had to cry it out one night, but ever since he has pretty much been sleeping past 6am before waking up to nurse and then going back to sleep until after 8!  It has been so nice compared to the last 6 months of waking up every 3-4 hours to feed him.
*He loves his blankie and pacifier just like his brother.  I actually tried to get him to choose a stuffed animal as a comfort object instead of a blanket so I dont have to keep track of TWO blankets everywhere we go, but he loves his blanket, there is just no way around it.
*He has a smile that melts my heart everyday.  I love how he just opens his mouth as big as he can and lets out the cutest little "coo" I have ever heard.  Not only is it his smile, but there is a kindness in his eyes that just radiates.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Stockton talk

Stockton just keeps talking more and more everyday.  It is funny because his speech therapist is on maternity leave so we are just taking a break until she comes back, so of course he starts talking right after she stops coming.  I am tempted to call her and tell her how great he is doing, but I don't want to be one of "those" parents.  Even though I am quite certain Stockton actually is her favorite.  How could he not be?  Here are some of the cute things I want to remember that he is saying right now.  Anyone with kids of their own knows that it isn't what they are saying as much as it is how they say it.

"Naan"- Hand (he says this when he wants me to walk down the stairs with him)
"Mon"- Come on
"Nin"- Again
"Uh-Baw"- Ball
"Uh-Dee"- Keys
"Uh-Co"- Coat
"Boo"- Blue
"Geen"- Green
"Hi" and "Bye" (he likes to play a game while I am feeding Logan.  He will come in the door, waive, and say "Hi!", then he will waive, say "Bye!", and close the door.  So cute.)

And he said his first two-word sentence:  "Bye Daddy!"

It is so nice to hear him talking so much, but sad to know that he is just growing up more and more everyday.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Logan's mad face

This is Logan's new face.

I like to call it his mad face because it normally surfaces at times like these:
*when he gets his nose wiped
*when his brother takes his toys from him
*when Mom is holding him and he wants to eat.
*when he can't quite reach something he wants

It is also accompanied by a rapid snorting sound.

Joy to my heart...