Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BiRtHdAy BoY part 2

We had Stockton's birthday party the Saturday after his actual birthday so that Troy's family could come down and celebrate with us. I think it turned out really fun for everyone. We grilled hamburgers, had a pinata for the kids, opened presents, and of course had cake.

We got one of the string pinatas so that Stockton could at least try and participate and so we didnt have small children swinging a bat in the middle of our living room. He got to go first, but after that the other kids pretty much took over. I think he enjoys being a part of the "cousin chaos" even if it is just watching from the sidelines.

He scoured through everyone's candy to pick and choose what he wanted. As you can see, he went straight for whistles. He loves blowing whistles and Daddy's duck calls.

I think he ended up with a good amount of candy of his own.

Next, we moved on to presents. I didnt get many good pictures of him opening them because he was swarmed by all of his cousins "helping" him. :) He didnt show too much interest in anything, probably because he just enjoys sitting back and watching the "cousin chaos". But once they brought out his 4-wheeler from his cousins Chaunie and Marissa (and their boyfriends) he absolutely LOVED it!
We had to take it away from him to take it out of the box and he did not like that at all. We didnt get a picture of him actually crying, but his patience was very, very thin waiting to get it back.

My very kind and talented friend, Cami, made him this birthday banner. It turned out so cute! It will be a fun banner to use for his birthday each year. Thanks Cami!

Another friend made his birthday cake for him and it turned out AWESOME! It was excactly what I had in mind! Thanks Jordan, you have a great talent!
Stockton thought the cake looked pretty fun, too. He couldnt wait to get his hands on it!

It was so cute when we all started singing Happy Birthday. As you can tell from the next 2 pictures, Stockton got the most embarrassed smile on his face. It was so funny. Right at the end, the embarrassed smile turned into total fear. I think if the song would have been any longer he would have burst into tears. He must have gotten his mother's shy gene.
I think he felt a little weird about everything standing around staring at him eat his cake.But that didnt stop him from diving right in.

It didnt take long for it to turn into a community cousin cake. Luckily no one was sick or I think they would have spread it to everyone. :)

Dad decided that he needed a little help

Doesnt it look like he thoroughly enjoyed it??

I thought it was a perfect party for a perfect little boy!

I had to post these 2 pictures because I thought it was funny how Stockton has the exact same look on his face as Me and Troy. He is our little Mini Me.