Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More growing up

I swear just in the last week these 2 boys have grown up so much...

Logan is sitting up all by himself without falling over and has learned to roll all over the floor in an effort to get toys that he wants.  I worry about the day this boy becomes mobile.  I think we will have our hands full in comparison to Stockton as a baby.  He has also started reaching for Mommy, it is so sweet.

Stockton just started talking overnight.  He will repeat pretty much anything you ask him to say and now the list of words he says is too long for me to even remember.  I have been worried about him being delayed, but now that he is talking so much, I just want him to stop.  Its kind of means that he isn't a baby anymore, doesn't it?  Some new things/words he has been doing the last few days.

-"Mo" (Remote)
-"Dee-Doo" (Thank You)
-"Doo-Doo" (Choo Choo)
-"Baa" (Pull)
-"Weema" and "Grandma"
-"Peas" (Please)
-"Nana" (banana)
-I have been trying to encourage him to ask nicely for things (say Please), but instead of saying please he does the sign for Nice.  It is pretty cute.
-He has been watching a video called, Letter Factory (thanks Michonne), that teaches him his letters and their sounds.  I am amazed at how fast he is picking it up.  He loves it and wants to watch it everyday instead of Toy Story.  Tonight while he was taking a bath, he picked up the letter "S" and said "Sssss".  I was so impressed that I decided to test him on his other letters and was pleasantly surprised with how many he knew.  I was happy, but also almost felt like a lousy parent that he learned it from a video and not from me.  Oh well, I guess I should just be happy that he is watching those types of videos rather than mindless cartoons, right?

Stockton was nice enough tonight to let Logan play with his little Woody tonight before bed.  

You can tell Logan is studying his every move to make sure he knows how to play with it correctly.

Even after his lesson, he is still thinking, "Am I doing this right?"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is there a cuter baby in the whole wide world?

I think not.

I was just looking through some recent pictures and these were just too cute not to share.  He is my little sweetheart. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This really is the good life

Tonight while doing the dishes, listening to good music, I was actually thinking about all the reasons why my life is so good, rather than my usual internal whine fest.  So I thought I would take a minute to jot down some of my thoughts so I could remember them the next time I want to give my kids away, the next time I want everything that I dont need, the next time I am missing my friends and family, and the next time I am thinking that everyone else has it so much better than me.

These are some things that I need to remember everyday that I am so lucky to have:

-Two beautiful, healthy baby boys that make me smile everyday
-A husband that loves me and allows me to be who I am
-Two sisters that I can talk to about anything and they still have no choice but to like me anyways.
-Telephones and the internet that allow me to talk to my family and friends whenever I want.
-A beautiful home that is bigger and nicer than anyone would ever need.
-Enough money to be able to stay home with my children
-My health
-Plenty of food to eat everyday
-Running water and all of the conveniences that us spoiled Americans take for granted everyday
-The opportunity to experience living in a new place and meeting new people
-The knowledge that no matter how down I feel sometimes, things could always be much much worse

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Overdue update

I was just looking through all the pictures on my camera and realized it has been a long time since I have posted an update so I thought I better give it a shot instead of mopping my floors like I should be doing....

Christmas was a lot of fun this year now that Stockton was old enough to really enjoy it alot more.  Having kids really does bring the magic back into it.  I am going to really start looking forward to Christmas each year now.  Here are both of the boys after opening their presents from Santa and Mom & Dad.  And a few others from the morning.

The boys are definitely starting to be more like brothers.  Logan loves it when Stockton will play with him and Logan justs gives him the biggest, cheesiest smiles.  Stockton goes back and forth when it comes to playing nicely and when he can be a little rough or annoying.  He has a problem with wanting to decide what Logan should be playing with rather than just allowing him to play with whatever he is enjoying at the moment.  Overall, I think they are really starting to love each other.  Stockton always wants to sleep in Logans bed with him and whenever I have let them nap together on Mom & Dad's bed, Stockton will always hold Logan's hand until they fall asleep.  And just a few days ago, they had their car seats side by side in the car (normally there is a seat between them) and Stockton held Logan's hand the whole time we were driving.  It is so sweet.

We celebrated Stockton's 2nd birthday in January.  As generic as it sounds, I can't believe it has been 2 years.  He is still so small, it is hard to believe he is actually 2.  At his check up, his weight was the 3rd percentile, height was the 14th percentile, and his head was the 93rd percentile.  Just hearing those measurements makes me wonder how he is even able to walk without toppling over all day long.  He is still Mommy's precious angel and spends most of his day following me around the house saying, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..."  He definitely loves his Mommy, but Daddy is at the top of his list too.  He always makes sure to throw in a few "Daddys" through out the day and point at the door.  His speech therapy is going pretty well.  I think he probably speaks about 10 words now and signs probably around 20.  He continues to improve each week, so we are happy about that.  Stockton has always been our perfect sleeper from the very beginning.  He has always loved sleeping in his own bed and has never had a problem putting himself to sleep, but he had a HORRIBLE nightmare on New Years Eve and his sleeping has been a work in progress ever since.  He was terrified to even go near his bed or our bed for about a week afterwards.  We have him sleeping in his own bed now, but still freaks out if we put him in our bed at night.  And he has a hard time going back to sleep if he wakes up in the middle of the night.  Hopefully things will continue to improve and he will be back to his old self eventually.  Here are some of his favorite things right now:
Favorite Food: chocolate milk and cheese
Favorite Movies/Shows:  Toy Story, Madagascar, Whinnie the Pooh, and Wonder Pets
Favorite Book:  I Love My Mama (about the mommy and baby elephants) and his animal flap book
Favorite word: Mommy, Please, and NO!
Favorite Toys:  Woody & Buzz, blocks, and his animals
Favorite thing to drive Mom crazy:  Climbing on the kitchen counters


Logan:  where do I even begin with you?  You are the CUTEST baby I have ever seen in my life.  I just wish I could take good pictures to justify how beautiful you are.  You have the roundest, perfect face, the perfect amount of chubbiness, and a smile that melts my heart.  When Stockton was a baby, everywhere I went people would tell me how cute he was, but I NEVER get any comments about Logan.  I am baffled by this because, lets be honest, Stockton was precious, but he wasnt the cutest baby in the world, but Logan is absolutely adorable.  I was talking to my sister about this and we came to the conclusion that it has to be his stork bite.  After she brought it up (her son had one, too) then it made sense.  Because that is normally the only comment I get, even from family members, is about when/if his birth mark will fade away.  I have even had one of the sample ladies at Costco, not once, but TWICE say something about it to me.  She didnt start the conversation by telling me how cute he was, she simply stated, "My granddaughter had a mark like that on her head, but dont worry, it will fade away".  My response was, "I am not worried about it".  Needless to say, I will be avoiding her on any future Costco visits.  It is so weird because I honestly dont even see it when I look at him.  It makes me sad that it is obviously the only thing that some people see.  Anyways, I didnt mean to go off on a tangent about that.  Back to Logan....he is such a happy, playful baby who just wants my attention all the time.  I can tell he is going to be our "get into everything" baby because he is so grabby and getting very anxious to go go go, he doesnt know how to sit still!  It seems like he always has an agenda.  That is so much different than how Stockton was, I am a little nervous about the trouble he will cause once is mobile.  He still wants to eat ALL the time!!  He drives me crazy though because he wants to eat EVERYTHING in sight, but he HATES being spoon fed.  I dont know if it is the baby food he doesnt like or the act of being fed.  He loves sucking on crackers and toast and anything that he can do himself.  He loves talking, growling, grabbing his feet, and bouncing in his exersaucer thing.

 If you are wondering why Logan's orange shirt looks strangely familiar, it is because its the same orange shirt that Stockton was wearing this past summer.  That's right he was 18+ months old and Logan is only 5 months.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bekah's 30 in 30

One of my very best friends in the whole wide world is doing something really fun, she is going on 30 blind dates in the 30 days before her 30th birthday.  Unfortunately, I am a lame friend that can't find her any guys to sign up because either A) all the single guy friends that I have are the same single guys friends that she has, or B) all the guys I know are married.

So, that is where some of you might be able to help.  Check out her blog, http://www.beks30in30.blogspot.com/, and refer any guys that you think might be interested to check it out, too.  Who knows what could happen, right?  :)

P.S. To anyone from Boise that might be reading my blog, I would really, really welcome some candidates from you because if I could get Bekah to fall for a guy up here then that means I could possibly get her to follow him here, just like I did!!!