Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Halloween

I think this picture pretty much sums up how Stockton felt about Halloween this year. Anytime we put his costume on him he went from a happy baby boy to a sad, pathetic tiger. We thought a tiger would be perfect for him because he likes to growl so much. Maybe he actually wanted to be a lion and was mad at us for getting the animal wrong so he refused to smile or growl in protest.
We hosted a Halloween party at our house the weekend before Halloween so all the cousins could get together and celebrate. The day of the party we decided that we should try and dress up too. Troy put on his army camo and was a GI Joe. The best I could do was a farmer. Boring, I know.

The food turned out really good. We wanted everything to have a Halloween theme. I thought we did a great job not having only sweet, sugary treats.
I made Witches Fingers
And Eyeballs.
Stockton was bored all night long...
It looks like he ALMOST smiled for WeeMa. That's the best he could do.
The weekend of Halloween I surprised Troy with a trip to Idaho to see his family. Can you believe I actually kept it a secret until the day before left??? I am getting good, i know. Our niece's boyfried surprised us with AWESOME seats to the Boise State game. It was alot of fun even though it was a blow out. It was nice to have a day out together without having to worry about Stockton.We had a Halloween party at Scott and Lori's house with yummy chili, carmel apples, homeade rootbeer, and pumkin carving.
Matt and Chantal thought surfing the internet was more fun that carving pumpkins. Boy were they wrong.
Last year I did the Batman logo, so this year I opted for Superman. I figured it was a double whammy since the 'S' could also stand for Stockton. :)

Looking forward to another fun-filled trip to Idaho this weekend! :)