Saturday, January 30, 2010

BiRtHdAy BoY!

We celebrated Stockton's 1st birtday a couple weeks ago...I know I can't believe it either.
On his actual birthday he started out the morning getting into bed with Mom & Dad where he was greeted by his new puppy that he absolutely loves.
I made him scrambled eggs for breakfast, but that didnt seem to make him think the day was any different than any other day.
Later on in the day he got to open his presents from Mom & Dad.

Which, of course, was followed by a birthday cupcake. He got a little embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to him, but the smile on his face priceless.

More birthday blogging to come. To be continued....

Friday, January 29, 2010

From 3 to 4

That's right, you guessed it. We were surprised to find out a few weeks ago that our family will be growing from 3 to 4. We are expecting a little brother or sister for Stockton around the middle of August. We are really excited to be almost finished with the first trimester and moving into the "safe zone" of the pregnancy so I dont have to worry anymore. :) We can't wait to see how our lives will change again soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spaghetti for dinner has never been so much fun

I hope these moments never get old...

Stockton's first Christmas

Stockton was big enough to enjoy Christmas this year more than I thought he would. I think mostly because everything was a mess that he could play in. It was fun watching him putter around and get into everything.

His gift from "Santa" was this Whinnie the Pooh tractor. Even though his little legs arent log enough to push yet, he still loves sitting on it and honking the horn.
I think we got the most excited reaction from him when he opened up his little tractor. He would just hold it up in the air and give the biggest grin.
He really liked his jack in the box. He knows how to turn the crank VERY SLOWLY, but he has discoverd it is alot easier if he just pushes the latch with his finger. What a smart kid.
His first tooth brush. I guess that means I have to start brushing his teeth now???
I left Troy in charge of taking a picture of him with all of his Christmas presents and these are the 2 pictures I got. Nice try sweetie, I think I will be in charge of this next year. :)

I am excited to have kids during Christmas now. It definately brings the excitement and magic back into it!