Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

I havent been very good at doing birthday tributes lately so I figured what better birthday than Scott's to get the ball rolling again? I just wanted to take a minute to do a little tribute for Scott (and Lori, it just happens to be Scott's birthday, not hers :). Anyways, I have always known that I lucked out when I inherited these two as a brother/sister-in-law combo, but the longer I am a part of the Jeffs family, the more apparent it becomes. There has never been a time that they havent made me feel welcomed and loved as a part of the family. They are two of the most genuine, selfless, and generous people I have ever met and I want them both to know how much me and Troy both love them. Sorry that we arent as good as being on top of everything like you guys are with birthdays and everything else, but just know that the effort you guys make doesnt go unnoticed and we appreciate everything you have done for us. We look forward to years of camping with you guys even if that does mean that we will have to spend hours and hours of listening to all of Scott's hunting stories and useless trivia! lol! I am also excited for Stockton to have an uncle and aunt that will provide him with so many fun memories and experiences. Happy Birthday Scott, we love you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Little Stockton

You asked for it, so here they are...some pictures of Stockton over the last few weeks. Sorry I havent been posting any pictures, but it turns out you dont have time to do much when you have a newborn. I dont know how people are even able to have more than one child. I swear I spend all of my time just feeding him and the rest of the time changing him and I'm not sure what else, but I know whatever it is we are doing it takes up the rest of the day. There isn't much time in the day to do much of anything else. Despite the lack of sleep and a clean house, we are just loving little Stockton to death and can't imagine our lives without him anymore. He has definately been a bleassing and we can't wait to see how he grows. I already feel like the time is going so fast and he is getting so big. He is really a sweet and good baby so far. We had a little trouble getting him to eat at first, but once he got that down, everything else has been so much easier. He is so good at night, he wakes up to eat about every 3 hours and then just goes right back to sleep. I dont know what I would do if he didnt want to sleep at night, we are both thankful for that. So far these are some of the things that he loves: EATING!!, his mother :), sleeping on daddy's chest, baths, his vibrating chair, riding in the car, and listening to mommy talk to his ear off while he watches me with his eyes open as wide as they possibly can. He is such a sweetie.

Stocton's first impressions of the outside world...

These are all of the people that Stockton met in his first few days here. Sorry we didnt get pictures of everyone, but I think we got most of you! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pictures of Stockton

We just had pictures of Stockton taken by a friend from our neighborhood in Kaysville. She posted some of the pics on her photo blog, they turned out really cute! Click Here to check them out.

I'm following the Private trend...

Troy's paranoia is finally wearing me down now that we have a baby, so we have decided to make our blog private. Post your email address if you would like to still be able to view our blog and I will send you an invite. Thanks! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

To all of you who think Stockton looks like his father...

I admit, when I look at Stockton, I definately see Troy, but I dont think he is totally Troy. I definately think he is going to be a mix of both of us. Up until today, this has been the youngest baby picture of Troy that we have had and, yes, I definately see a resemblance.

However, today while we were at Troy's dad's house, we were going through a bunch of old pictures and we came across Troy's newborn picture from the hospital. Let me just say that I am thanking my lucky stars that Stockton did not come out looking like this. I still can't look at this picture without cringing and to honest, even though it is labeled as Troy, I am convinced that with 5 boys, maybe it was mislabled. I don't even see Troy in this picture, much less Stockton. I guess we dont know what Stockton would have looked like if he was over 9 lbs though. I hope you all enjoy a good laugh at Troy's expense on this one...