Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Could there be a cuter pair of boys in the whole wide world????

Thursday, October 21, 2010


After moving to Idaho I have learned the truth in the generic phrase, "Home is where the heart is." It really is. We just returned from a short visit to Oklahoma to visit my family. It is always refreshing to return to my roots and be reminded of my childhood and to go "home". We recently went back to Utah for a few days to visit my family and that also was accompanied by those tender feelings of going "home". So how is it that both places can be so equally comforting to go home to? I can't help but wonder in the midst of my loneliness here in Idaho if this place will ever welcome me with the same familiarity and warmth as my childhood home and the home that I figured out who I was and who I wanted to become. I like to believe that it will because this is where I will build my family and my heart will always be with them and the memories we create. Just like it will always be at Ganny's house and Jerry's farm. And just like it will always be on 1223 and just off of Orchard Drive. Because those are the places that are filled with the people I love the most.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally making time for an update

Things are sure busy around here. Although, everyday I feel more and more like I am getting a handle on things. I am starting to believe that maybe I will be able to survive having 2 kids afterall. Three is still debatable at this point.

Logan is 6 weeks old now. Here is a picture of him on his 1 month birthday. Is it just me or does this look like a baby that is older than a month??? He is just getting chubbier and chubbier everyday.
We recently spent a weekend in Utah to celebrate a special occasion with my best friend. Here is Logan at 1 month with his 6 month old cousin, Maggie. Now do you believe that he is big?
He still likes to sleep alot during the day.
But he also tries to help out around the house as much as he can. He gives me more of a workout carrying the laundry up and down the stairs. I sure miss having my laundry room upstairs with all of our bedrooms.
He is getting so much more alert and interactive.
And just started smiling at us the last few days.
Bathtime is so much easier now that I can do it at the same time. Stockton is really good at being careful in the tub. He has only had to pour a cup of water on his face once to realize that wasnt much fun for Logan.
We also love going on walks now that we finally got our new double stroller. Stockton and Logan would both spend all day sitting in it if they could.
Stockton has grown up right before my eyes.
He got a new pair of shoes that he loves to show off everytime he puts them on.
He loves to keep me from getting anything done. This is him "helping" put their clean clothes away.
We got him sleeping in his big boy bed so we could start putting Logan in the crib. This kid has been a champion sleeper his entire life. After napping in his bed twice, he refused to sleep in his crib at all. And it only took 3 days of him getting in and out of bed for him to get the idea. I hope he continues to be so easy with everything forever.
He is learning how to show off and act like a goofball.
He still has his adorable buck-toothed smile.
He may not be getting much bigger, but he is sure growing up more and more everyday.