Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Winter in Review: December

Because I may be suffering from a case of blogging nostalgia, or because I am looking for any reason to avoid making my grocery list for tomorrow, or because I am almost a year behind on my blogging "journal", or because my brother in law, Scott, made me feel guilty for never posting, or because I may or may not have been hit with a bout of insomnia....whatever the reason I, at 1:43 am, thought it would be a good idea to start a blog post.  So here goes....

Since it has been about 9 months, I can't remember why we were at Scott and Lori's house, but I took advantage of their beautiful Christmas tree to snap some shots of my equally beautiful children.  Troy isn't too bad himself either. ;)

 The Star Library put together a little Christmas party where they had a very creepy Santa Claus, Christmas crafts/activities, and cookie decorating.  It was a lot fun and, to this day, the boys ask every time we go to the library if they will have cookies there.

 We heard about a Christmas train up in Sumpter, OR that was significantly cheaper than the train here in Boise so we opted to drive 2 hours to check it out.  We had no idea that we would be embarking on, quite possibly, the BEST family day ever.  Even still, thinking about this day, I remember it being absolutely perfect in every way.  The snowy weather made the surrounding mountains stunningly gorgeous, there was only one other family on the train which soothed my crowd anxiety, the authentic Santa Claus was ideal (he even got Logan to sit beside him), the kind soul that brought his 4 wheeler over, started a fire, and let us give our kids rides on the sleigh was a saint, and the non-existence of whining was the icing on the cake for an impeccable day.  It was truly perfect.  We will definitely be going again and again.

 We spent Christmas at home in Idaho.  Here are the boys making their Reindeer food before they go to bed Christmas Eve.

Twas the night before Christmas...

Ready for presents...

Stockton has become obsessed with T-Rex dinosaurs and that's all he could think about getting for Christmas.  Well, a T-Rex and a candy cane.

I can't tell if they liked their new truck.  It's hard to tell.

And Logan was undoubtedly thrilled with his Bat Cave.

Next month we get to celebrate this little boy's 4th birthday.  At which time, I will most definitely cry.


bamatamb said...

Oh that picture of them in their new truck is priceless!! How fun! :)

Sarah said...

Looking at these photos solidifies it: Stockton and Logan both are looking like little boys now instead of toddlers.