Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Winter in Review: January

We started off the new year with a sledding trip.  It was freezing, but we managed to enjoy ourselves for a short time.

Our Christmas package from Aunt Linda is always a much anticipated treat each year.

It has somehow become a birthday tradition each year for me to stay up into the absurd hours of the night/morning making a cake for the boys.  As much as I hate it, I really do love it.  This year, with my sister's help, I think we finished the cake around midnight.

It took a couple of years for Troy to accept that, since I am up torturing myself making a cake, the responsibility of decorating after the boys go to bed falls on him.  We've got a good system down now and I think he has taken to his role quite nicely, don't you?

 My birthday boy.  

 I've decided to throw birthday parties for the boys every other year, and just celebrate with our family on the year we don't have a party.  This year, Stockton was lucky to have his cousins in town to celebrate with him.  It's always a party with them around.

Stay tuned for Stockton's birthday post....hopefully it won't take me another 8 months to get around to posting it.  

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